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Kia is spot on when talking about a large part of gay fiction these days. A lot of it is written by bored housewives who think that, just because they’re women who have sex with men, they’re able to write a convincing gay male character. Well, it’s not true. Most of their stories end up coming off as these wishy-washy gay male characters who act like teenage girls more than men. It’s almost an insult. In her post, Kia talks about this topic, and does so very well. Enjoy!


Aly Hughes Writes

Hollywood isn’t the only industry about to be scrutinized for its sequels.  Let’s take a look at how books deal with the standalone vs series approach to story telling in this week’s Sunday Versus.

Whether you feel it while you’re writing or not, there is a pressure when publishing to separate a long story into a series.  Famously JRR Tolkien never intended to publish The Lord of the Rings as a trilogy.   And we were lead to believe that the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini was to be a trilogy, but upon the announcement of the third book, it was also revealed that there would be a fourth.  (And to be honest, I only read the first book and a half of that series.)

But you know what? Fantasy isn’t the only genre taken over by series.  What about The Millennium Series (The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo &…

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Hello world!

Hi folks, and welcome to my new blog! I’m just getting started, so it’s a little empty in here now, but keep checking back. I’m going to try to make this a regular thing, and hopefully I’ll hold myself to it. I don’t want this to become a place to dump my brain. I don’t think any of you are interested in reading about the boring crap that happens to me every day. Instead, I hope to put up original writing–fiction, creative nonfiction, maybe some poetry from time to time. We’ll see what turns up.

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